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About Me

Luca Mondonico

Materials Engineer

Materials are just everywhere: from interstellar probes to tomatoes.
Materials engineers are the true architects of matter; we create products bridging length and time scales. If well-designed, even the smallest structure can lead to quite remarkable results.

I'm currently working at Tesla in the Battery Engineering team. In my spare time I enjoy playing volleyball, traveling, and occasionally trading stocks.


Finding elegant solutions to difficult problems...



Traveling the world doing things ...

Tesla, Inc.

Developing adhesives, potting and insulator materials and new testing protocols for structural battery packs of Model 3, Y, Cybertruck, and Semi.

Stanford University

As a research scholar at Stanford ChemE, I designed and manufactured a solution-processable artificial solid electrolyte interphase for effective anode protection in Li-metal batteries.

ETH Z├╝rich

I pioneered transparent and stretchable battery electrodes to be used in wearable devices. I also proposed an innovative framework to describe cross-coupling effects in viscoelastic materials for designing better and lighter composites.

Nanyang Technological University

In Singapore, I led a research team which implemented experimental adsorption models for miniature gas detectors. I also generated several strategies to promote low-cost scalability of biomimetic sensors for disease biomarkers detection.

EXPO 2017 Astana

As a student representative at the EXPO Italian Pavilion in Kazakhstan, I interacted with local organizers to promote the adoption of sustainable energy technologies in underdeveloped countries.

Politecnico di Milano

As a student researcher, I simulated novel polymer blends to be used for industrial mechanical joints. Part of the work also included accurate materials' selection, as well as testing of temperature-dependent mechanical properties under real life-conditions.

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